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C.D. & L.C., March 2018

Having begun to experience some minor health problems, and worrying about the possibility of developing worse problems in the future, we decided to take control of our health at age 55. After many attempts to lose weight, the ZeroExcuseGo program came along at the right moment in our lives. We therefore decided to participate in the program as a couple. This was for us a motivating and winning formula.

Being supervised by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who surpassed our expectations, we were truly well supported. Even more, all throughout the program they were always available to provide additional information or to respond very quickly to our questions.

Whether it was a meeting in their medical center clinic or by videoconference, the follow-up was always very motivating and encouraging.

Certainly, it takes effort because nothing happens without it. Besides the professional support, the applications provided as part of the program, Fitbit and Tactio, helped us to accomplish our goals. You need to realize that you must make changes in your eating and activity habits in order to succeed in this excellent program. And especially….the keep the good results long-term.

We had the shared goal as a couple to spend time together trying to achieve our goals. We focused on easily accessible activities like walking, hiking in the mountains, cycling, and yoga.

The program is now over for us, since 3 months. Our weight loss objectives were achieved and maintained. We have continued with our new lifestyle habits. Weighing ourselves, tracking our steps, exercising, our healthy eating habits, and we are keeping a positive attitude. This is our new life!

Avril, 2017

“I signed up for Zero Excuses Go after having hit an all time low. After years of trying every diet, every weight loss programme, joining every gym in my neighbourhood and even hiring personal trainers, I could not go on in the condition I was in. I was terribly overweight, prediabetic, suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I had asked my GP for help and was given a “Go take a daily walk” as a terse reply. I was suffering physically and emotionally.
This programme got my attention immediately because it was geared at the root of all my weight issues not at just curing the symptoms. I had to ask myself why I was in this condition to be able to start this life-changing journey. This is where Zero Excuses Go excels. The team, made up of doctors, nurses, dietitians, kinesiologists and coaches is there to help you achieve your goals and answer your questions.
They treat me as if I am their only patient and at times I have to remind myself that I am not. They are there for me 100% of the time. Their vast knowledge, their professionalism, their warm and caring personalities help me deal with my needs and questions. They truly listen and guide me to a new and healthier me. Like me, you will feel as if they are your friends not just people doing their jobs. You are made to feel special and this helps as you begin and continue on this new journey. Weight loss is not an easy endeavour but with the guidance and the help that this programme offers, it will be an easier road to travel. It is not an overnight programme that offers quick but temporary weight loss.

It is a programme for a complete life change filled with new choices and many rewards all achieved with the help of these exceptional people and hopefully permanent weight loss. All I can say is that I am grateful for this programme and all the wonderful people involved.
For me, Zero Excuses Go is not just the name of the programme but it is what it does for my life. It helps me stop being at ZERO, it helps me stop making EXCUSES and it helps me GO on to bethe best that I can be.
I have not regretted signing up for one instant. I am working hard at being a better me because of this programme and what it has given me. It has given me the necessary tools to continue to become healthier and happier and to start enjoying this new healthier life.””

Rob Buttars, January 2018

Zero Excuse GO uses an educative approach and not a forceful approach to weight loss, health and wellness.”

“I signed up for Zero Excuse GO with the hope of losing 25 to 50 pounds, possibly even 60. At first I was leery as to the process as it seemed like a lot of accountability, commitment and expense but I found that I within just a month I was happy to check in with the team regularly….and you cannot put a price on being healthy.”

“ The entire team is upbeat, professional and encouraging. What I found to be the best quality of the team was the follow up they provided outside of the scheduled meeting times, and their willingness to go the extra mile to find out information regarding a question asked or recipes to help with my favourite foods.”

“ They are always positive and encouraging without being “too much” and over the top.”

“ When you slip, or it is not going as well as expected for a week or two, they take the time to figure out the problem And help you find a strategy to help get back on track.”

“They friendliness and concern are visibly genuine. I never felt like I didn’t want to “check in” because I had didn’t have a great week.”

The equipment to track progress is easy to understand and manage, and they know the ins and outs of how to teach you to optimize the functionality.”

“The goals that Zero Excuse GO helps you set are realistic, manageable and attainable.”

“With the help of the multi-disciplinary team and my determination, I have lost almost 50 lbs in the past 6 months and I know I could not have done it alone.”

“ Their assistance, knowledge and encouragement allowed me to lose weight and get fit at a pace that was reasonable and manageable for me. I realize I have used the word manageable often, but weight loss is a struggle, and being able to do it within your abilities and lifestyle is a key part of making it work.”

Avril, 2017

“The RPM program is extremely helpful. Having a team of health professionals available and monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, weight loss and there to answer questions was very comforting while I was recovering and adjusting after my surgery. They are knowledgeable, and very kind and encouraging . I felt very supported. A huge thank you to the entire team!”

Juillet 2017

“I really liked my experience with remote monitoring, all our fears, anxieties, small health problems … The remote monitoring team answers questions by phone or text and gives very good advice, thank you.”

Billy Moffatt, Avril 2017

“… The services provided were extraordinary … The quality of the devices, combined with the kindness and professionalism of the nurses who supported me, encouraged me and answered my questions, greatly contributed to the success … In my opinion, this service is essential and the staff in place is of great skill. I am of the opinion that part of my weight loss is due to the remote monitoring system currently in place. 118 pounds in 8 months, it changes a life believe me.”

September, 2016

“It’s a pleasure … I’m still losing weight and I’ve totally changed my habits … so everything is fine!”

Alexandre Phaneuf, July 2017

“First, I would like to thank the team from the bottom of my heart … It was really an important moment in my life and the materials offered by the team … are above all expectations. I am a young man of 26 who weighed 394 pounds in July 2017 who was happy in his skin, but who did not like the image he projected … In December 2017, I weighed 319, I already lost 76 lbs and I feel better than ever with myself. It’s not always easy, but, the team … informed me that this is not a miracle solution, we must work to achieve our goals … The use of tools like Fitbits and wifi scale allows us to motivate ourselves, something that was really difficult for me … For example, sometimes it makes the difference to encourage us to take a walk just because we say to myself: I just have 1000 steps left to do to reach my goal of 10,000 steps. … Thank you for everything, I will be eternally grateful”

January, 2018

“The remote patient monitoring service was great. Whenever I had questions (health, activity or diet) …, I had answers within 24 hours (often instant).

The FitBit Charge and FitBit App have been extremely motivational and helped me to excel every day. At first I said: “FitBit is for girls and after my 3 months it will be over …”. Well, it’s not over … At first I did not want to take my weight on a daily basis, but now, I cannot wait to get on the scale every morning. Same thing for the pressure, we enjoy seeing it decrease from week to week and our pulse at rest.

Although the equipment was great, the professional and moral support of all team members was undoubtedly the key to my success … With their help and support, this transition was a lot easier than I had planned . I have reached my healthy weight, I am in great shape (my VO2 Max is 54) and I have almost no joint pain (what is left is due to old severe injuries that caused knee osteoarthritis).

Thank you all and continue your outstanding work with unparalleled devotion”