Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions by our clients

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers that might enlighten you with regard to our weight loss program.

What distinguishes your program from others?

There are a multitude of weight loss programs available on the market. However, very few specialize in weight loss for people suffering from severe to morbid obesity. Losing 10-15 pounds is one thing, but losing 50-100 pounds is a completely different game.

In addition, no other programs offer what we offer: support from a highly qualified multidisciplinary team as well as daily monitoring of certain parameters of your health during your weight loss journey, while working on the adoption of a healthy lifestyle in the long term. This daily support is only possible through the use of new technologies, such as telemonitoring and telemedicine, which create new opportunities and which very few programs have access to. 

To whom Zero Excuse GO Program is addressed?

The Zero Excuse GO program catters to men and women, aged 15-70, who suffer from severe or morbid obesity. Some are relatively healthy while many suffer from problems related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, heart disease, sleep apnea, arthritis of the lower limb, etc. Our program treats these two types of individuals. In addition, we also have specialized services that address specific needs for particular patients who suffer from obesity, including obesity and adolescence, obesity and depression, obesity and eating disorders, obesity and bariatric surgery, among others.

I have more than 100 lbs to lose. Can your program help me?

Our program is specifically designed for people who suffer from severe or morbid obesity. Losing more than 100 lbs is definitely not an impossible mission. All you need are the tools to get there and that’s what our program offers.

I have about thirty pounds to lose. Can your program help me?

Our program is specifically designed for people who suffer from severe or morbid obesity. The amount of weight to lose will vary according to different criterias including height, presence of diseases related to obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. In other words, a person who is 5 feet tall and who has 25 to 30 pounds to lose could have as much difficulty as a person who is 6 feet 4 inches and has 75 pounds to lose. Everything is relative. We encourage you to complete the quiz available on our website and we will contact you later to let you know if you qualify to participate in our program.

I have about fifteen pounds to lose. Can your program help me?

Our program is specifically designed for people who suffer from severe or morbid obesity. It is not designed for people who have 10-15 pounds to lose to fit in their bikini next summer. For this kind of weight loss,  many alternatives already exist while hardly any that actually work for the long term are available for people suffering from severe to morbid obesity.

I have an illness related to obesity (e.g. diabetes). Can I participate to your program?

Absolutely! We invite you to view our specialized services section.

Is it possible to eventually get rid of my medication?

Pratically all medications prescribed for diseases related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, etc. could be significantly reduced or even completely stopped as a result of significant weight loss. We see this regularly with all our patients. Visit our specialized services section for more information.

Can my doctor follow me while I participate in the program?

Absolutely! In fact, several physicians refer their patients to us to deal with their obesity while the referring physicians concentrate their efforts on their related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, and so on. We can regularly send a summary report to your doctor regarding your progress so that your doctor may adjust your medications accordingly.

I live far away and I do not have the means nor the time to travel. How can I participate in your program?

People who live in remote areas usually have difficulties to access and participate in specialized programs like ours, simply because these programs are not available around them. Through the use of new technologies, the barrier of distance falls! People living in remote areas have now access to highly specialized services, such as ours. The same reasoning applies to people who are very busy and who do not have the time to go back and forth to meet with different health professionals for multiple visits during the program. The use of remote monitoring and videoconferencing avoids unnecessary travel and waste of time, thus facilitating access to all and ensuring that participants remain loyal to the program. So you have no more excuses: Zero Excuse GO!

What is the duration of your weight loss program?

In general, the Zero Excuse GO weight loss program lasts from 4 to 12 months, depending on your reality and your needs. Indeed, a program suitable for a person who needs to lose 50 lbs is different from a program suited to a person who needs to lose 120 lbs. Moreover, the duration may vary according to the characteristics of each individual, namely his age, disabilities, state of health, etc. The duration of the program will be established once the multidisciplinary team completes your initial evaluation. Once the target weight is reached, you will be asked to participate in a maintenance program to ensure that you do not regain the weight lost in the long term.

What do I need to participate in the program?

You do not need much besides your strong commitment and willingness to change your lifestyle and get rid of your excess weight. We will need your smartphone or tablet, which you certainly must already possess, to connect our devices (fitness tracker, scale, etc.) as part of the remote monitoring. If you do not have a smartphone or a tablet, we will provide you a tablet to be able to follow you from a distance.

If I do not have a smartphone nor a tablet, how do I participate in the monitoring program?

If you do not have a smartphone or a tablet, we will provide you with a tablet to be able to follow you from a distance.

What does the program include?

Our program is a turnkey service that includes all the equipment provided, software, connectivity as well as consultations with professionals assigned to you. The cost of services varies depending on the duration of the program, the amount of weight to lose, your health condition (if you have diabetes, heart disease, etc.), your disabilities (arthritis) etc. We will be able to give you an approximate cost of services once you have completed the online questionnaire. The final price will be determined once your initial evaluation has been completed by the multidisciplinary team.

Can Zero Excuse GO Program be reimbursed by private insurance?

Some services of our program may be reimbursed by your insurance company, such as consultations with the psychologist, the nurse, the dietitian, etc. We will give you the appropriate receipt so that you can make a claim to your insurance.

Can I cancel my participation in the program at any time?

You can choose to stop participating in our program at any time and get a partial refund, if applicable.

Why should I need to see a psychologist?

Obesity is a multifactorial problem. The psychological dimension often plays a predominant role in how an obese person will undertake a weight loss journey. Our psychologist will deal with different aspects of the psychological dimension of obesity during our program, including awareness of the problem of obesity, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, motivation, social pressures, tendancies to deviate, etc. These aspects are essential to the success of the program in order to help you change successfully and on a permanent basis your lifestyle.

Why should I need to see a dietitian?

The dietitian plays a key role in educating you and helping you becoming aware of the deviant eating habits that you have developed over the years. She will also help you become familiar with what is called healthy nutrition adapted to your needs and reality. Meal replacements and meal supplements may also be used in our program to help you lose the desired weight. If you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia or heart disease, she can also guide you and advise you on a diet that is appropriate for your illnesses.

Why should I need to see a kinesiologist?

The kinesiologist will play an essential role in helping you become more active while enjoying exercising. Becoming fit is an integral part of our program. It will be impossible for you to lose weight and maintain the weight lost if you do not participate voluntarily (while having fun!) in a regular exercise program. The kinesiologist will work with you to design personalized fitness programs that will evolve over time and follow you closely with the data collected by the fitness tracker. If you wish to, you can also participate in our virtual group Zero Excuse GO that we created where several participants in our program share data (number of steps, number of minutes of exercise, etc.) collected by the fitness trackers to encourage and motivate each other. 

Why should I need to see a nurse?

The registered nurse will follow you daily during your weight loss journey by reviewing your transmitted data (weight, physical activity, blood pressure, glucose, etc.). She will contact you if your data is abnormal or if you do not actively transmit your data. In addition, you can communicate with her at all times by secured text messaging, telephone or videoconference. She will help you stay on track throughout the program and will contact you as soon as you show the slightest deviation.

Are my records and my data confidential?

Our program uses software that meet the current standards for confidentiality and security of data. Our Remote Patient Monitoring Program collects, uses, stores and communicates some personal information and data regarding certain parameters of your health that will be only shared amongst the team members appointed to your care unless authorized by you in writing. All data collected will be kept confidential using reasonable security measures. Appropriate physical, electronic and administrative procedures to safeguard and secure the information collected was put in place according to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) procedures and compliance. 

Once I reach my target weight, can I continue to be followed?

Absolutely! Once the targeted weight is reached, we strongly recommend that all of our clients join our maintenance program in order to avoid deviations and regaining the weight lost. Any obese person who has lost a significant amount of weight remains vulnerable once the weight is lost. If we do not remain vigilant, these people can regain a lot of weight down the road, hence the importance of adhering to our maintenance program.

Will I regain weight as with the other diets I have followed?

Anyone who has suffered from severe or morbid obesity and who has lost significant amount of weight remains vulnerable to regaining weight, even after bariatric surgery. The only way to ensure that you do not regain the weight lost in the long term is by changing your lifestyle on a definitive basis. This is the purpose of our program which aims, through remote monitoring and the support of a multidisciplinary team via videoconference, to undo the deviant lifestyles of our clients in order to help them adopt a new and healthy lifestyle while losing weight. 

I was recommended to have bariatric surgery, but I hesitate and I’m scared. Is the Zero Excuse GO program a good alternative?

Several people who suffer from severe to morbid obesity are refractory to undergo bariatric surgery, for a variety of reasons. For those who wish to avoid bariatric surgery, our program could be a good alternative. However, to succeed, you still have to be motivated and determined to change your lifestyle, not only in the short term, but also in the long term. By the way, even if you undergo bariatric surgery, you will also have to change your lifestyle if you do not want to regain the weight lost in the long term after surgery. Consequently, it is inevitable! You have to face reality and need to change your lifestyle, both from a nutritional and a fitness stand point, no matter which method you choose to lose your weight.