Obesity and Aesthetic

For many people who suffer from severe to morbid obesity, the issue of aesthetics becomes a major hurdle in their lives. We live in a society where physical appearance is valued and consequently, several people who suffer from severe to morbid obesity feel diminished and some will even feel a sense of failure. Several negative consequences result from this fact affecting several aspects of people’s lives such as the social environment, the dating scene, the self-esteem, the self-confidence, to name a few, both on a personal and professional level.

Our multidisciplinary team is very sensitive to this dimension with aesthetics and obesity. Throughout our program, our team will be called upon to educate, motivate, support and encourage you to gradually lose weight and to get you in shape. In doing so, your body will change morphologically in obvious ways. This phenomenon will not go unnoticed around you. Your entourage will point it out to you several times and you will gain more and more confidence in yourself. You will certainly have to change your wardrobe and you will find yourself more attractive, with a more athletic look. This is an important point to consider when you decide to participate in our program. Your efforts will not be unnoticed!

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