Obesity and Arthritis

People who suffer from severe to morbid obesity are often complaining about joint problems in the lower limbs. Excess body weight creates an overload on the joints over time with, wear and tear, gradually favoring the occurence of arthritis in the knees, the hips or the ankles, for example. The vast majority of these people consume different kind of medications for arthritis and many of them have already received several joint injections with cortisone and others. Some people will even require a knee replacement at a young age. This problem should be taken very seriously because not only do these people suffer from pain, but they also become limited in their movements, resulting in a vicious circle from which they can no longer escape: the more the arthritis settles in, the more sedentary they become, the more weight they gain which increases the overload on the joints of the lower limbs and therefore, accelerating the progression of arthritis. So if you suffer from severe to morbid obesity, you should put an end to this vicious circle as soon as possible by loosing a significant amount of weight.

In our program treating jointly obesity and arthritis, our first task is to determine the best method for you to lose weight while considering your functional limitations. Following your initial assessment, our kinesiologist will develop a personalized fitness program that will evolve as you progress through our program. In addition, our nurse will monitor the evolution of your weight and your physical activity on a daily basis, in real time, via our remote monitoring technology. It is undeniable that with a significant weight loss, your joint pains in the lower limbs will decrease and therefore, you will require less medication and you will finally become more active.


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