Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a surgical modality that can alter forever the architecture of your digestive system (stomach, intestines) in order to prevent you from ingesting large amounts of foods so that you gradually lose weight. Bariatric surgery, when practiced by specialized and experienced surgeons, is a very effective and safe method for people who suffer from morbid obesity. But, once again, it is important, or even paramount, for these patients to change their lifestyle if they do not want to regain weight in the long term after surgery. Patients who suffer from severe to morbid obesity and who are wondering about bariatric surgery can find with us 3 different programs adapted to their needs.

The first program is aimed at people suffering from morbid obesity who hesitate to undergo bariatric surgery for all sorts of reasons. The second program is aimed at people suffering from morbid obesity who are looking for a great place to undergo their bariatric surgery since they have already made their decision to undergo surgery. The third program tailors to patients who have had bariatric surgery in the past and who unfortunately have regained a significant amount of weight.

First program

Are you hesitating to undergo bariatric surgery?

Many people are reluctant to undergo bariatric surgery for all sorts of reasons. Some have this fear and apprehension about changing their digestive system architecture. Some are afraid of side effects of the operation and others are simply afraid of doctors. Some have heard of bad experiences or failures following the procedure. Some are in denial and think that they could loose their weight on their own despite having gone through many unsuccessful diets.

Whatever your reason, if you suffer from severe to morbid obesity and you are hesitant to undergo a bariatric surgery, our weight loss program designed to change your lifestyle habits through the use of technologies such as telemonitoring and telemedicine may be your solution. You can not stay in the state that you are and if you do not want to be operated, our weight loss program could be an effective and reliable alternative.

Second program

You have decided to undergo bariatric surgery and you are looking for a place to do it?

You already made your decision. Do not look any further! Our bariatric surgery specialists will be able to meet your needs at all levels. They have a considerable amount of experience and they have built a solid expertise. Together, they have operated on thousands of patients. In addition, we work closely with these surgeons and monitor all their patients with remote patient monitoring, both preoperatively and postoperatively, to ensure that the operation is successful and that their patients adopt a healthy lifestyle. Take a look for yourself by visiting www.weightlosssurgery.ca

Third program

Have you been operated with a bariatric surgery in the past and have regained a significant amount of weight?

For those who have gone through this surgery in the past and have regained a significant amount of weight, our program can help you to lose the excess weight permanently. Thanks to telemonitoring and telemedicine, you will be followed on a daily basis by our multidisciplinary team, who will instill in you healthy lifestyles, guaranteeing a significant loss of weight in the long term.

Are you interested in our program? Fill out the confidential health questionnaire online and we will contact you!