Obesity and Diabetes

If you are suffering from severe to morbid obesity in addition to being diabetic, you must discipline yourself to lose weight if you want to avoid serious complications in the mid to long term. We can definitely help you regain a normal weight which will help you decrease your current medications or even, get rid of them completely. Our team of specialists provides integrated care for individuals suffering from these two problems and we will work with your treating physician to get there.

Diabetes is strongly associated with obesity and its occurence usually coincides with significant weight gain. The treatment of a diabetic condition in isolation from obesity is not optimal. In other words, relying solely on the use of medication is not enough. It has been shown that a relatively low (7-10%) but sustained weight loss can prevent the occurence of diabetes and reduce the risk of complications over time. Losing weight is definitely one of the best investments that a diabetic obese patient can make to avoid the harmful consequences of diabetes. Did you know that diabetes is the #1 risk factor for heart disease? In addition, it affects multiple organs such as the eyes, the kidneys, the vascular system, the skin and others.

In our program treating jointly obesity and diabetes, our first task is to determine the best method for you to lose weight while maximizing the control of your diabetes. In addition, our nurse will monitor the evolution of your blood sugar on a daily basis, in real time, via our remote monitoring technology. This will allow us to evaluate the timing for a gradual decrease in your medications. We will advise you at the appropriate time so that you can discuss it with your doctor. Our dietitian will develop a personalized program for you based on your health condition and based on the exercise program that our kinesiologist will have developed for you. In addition, your physical activity level and caloric expenditure will be monitored on a daily basis to allow us to adjust both your diet and your medications throughout the program to ensure optimal control of your diabetes.

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