Obesity and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders (EDs) are sometimes referred to as “dieting disorders,” because all eating disorders involve efforts to control one’s weight through restrictive eating (and related behaviors). EDs are certainly also disorders of body-image and self-esteem. This is what leads a person to focus so intensely on food and weight.

To recover from an eating disorder, an individual must resume a normal relationship with eating and weight control. In a sense, this means to become a non-dieter. The process of giving up dieting, accepting a normal, healthy weight, and thereby resolving the eating disorder is a challenging one, most often requiring specialized help. Our multidisciplinary team will make your life easier by videoconference, avoiding unnecessary travel and waste of time.

Moreover, thanks to our monitoring program, you will benefit from a daily tracking of your weight and your activity level in your final approach to controlling your weight.

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