Obesity and Heart Diseases

Because obesity is a contributing factor to the occurrence of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, you will not be surprised to learn that several patients who suffer from severe to morbide obesity suffer eventually from heart diseases. Most of these heart diseases originate from a condition known as atherosclerosis, which means that the walls of the blood vessels become diseased and thickened due to the accumulation of cholesterol plaques, so that the diameter of your blood vessels gets significantly reduced to such a point that the flow of blood circulating through is greatly diminished, giving rise to all sorts of problems such as the occurence of a heart attack, for example. If you suffer from angina or if you already have had a heart attack, it is essential for you to lose weight, whatever the cost! In addition, considering your health condition, you must be stuck with multiple medications and many of you feel like prisoners. Also, the bigger you are, the stronger your heart must pump to circulate the blood through your vascular system to feed all of that excess weight which creates an even greater toll on your heart.

In our program treating jointly obesity and heart diseases, our first task is to determine the best method for you to lose weight while maximizing the control of your risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases. In addition, our nurse will monitor your weight, blood pressure, diabetes and physical activity on a daily basis, in real time, using our remote monitoring technology. This will allow us to evaluate the appropriate time to gradually decrease your medications. We will advise you as to when to discuss it with your doctor. Our dietitian will develop a personalized program for you based on your health condition and based on the exercise program that our kinesiologist will have developed for you. Your level of physical activity and caloric expenditure will be monitored on a daily basis to allow us to adjust both your diet and your medications throughout the program to ensure optimal control of your risk factors related to heart diseases.

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