Effect of a tailored eHealth weight loss program


Effect of a tailored eHealth weight loss program

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eHealth is an emerging part of medical and public health practice. This refers to treatment supported by mobile devices, such as monitoring with wireless devices and telemedicine.

What does the eHealth means? “e” refers to electronic technology that we are already familiar with, like computers, mobile phones, internet and social media. And “Health” means looking after ourselves and our loved ones. eHealth, means working to achieve a healthier life using digital technology for an individually tailored, appropriate and effective treatment even if you are physically located far away from the health provider. eHealth provides new tools to support a healthier lifestyle and enables you to better manage your own health!!

Worldwide, with fast-paced lifestyles like ours, obesity is increasing in prevalence and presents a very serious public health problem. Traditional weight loss interventions, which typically include weekly or bi-weekly in-person consultations and meetings, may not be effective in terms of weight loss and its sustainability, which may be related to poor adherence, limited availability, cost of travel, etc… Internet-delivered weight loss interventions, a prime example of e-health, could minimize these problems  for both the users (patients) and health professionals (Dietitian, Doctor,…), leading to better results achieved in a more efficient way.

In a weight loss program, caloric restriction is arguably the single most important component of successful weight loss; moderate intensity physical activity has been proven to contribute to weight loss and plays a key role in maintaining it. Detailed and manual logging of food intake and physical activity can be sometimes burdensome and inaccurate; therefore, alternative technology-based interventions have been developed which can markedly reduce the time and effort required. New e-health integrated components (fitness trackers like Fitbit, digital scales, etc…) combined with traditional and human intervention approaches and the use of videoconferencing are together capable of a powerful method for achieving weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

Many studies have been recently conducted around the world to investigate the effectiveness of internet-based weight loss programs. Those studies have shown that internet-delivered interventions are becoming an attractive option for boosting weight loss for a large percentage of the population, and can be view as a valuable addition to in-person or face-to-face delivered weight loss consultations and programs. Such eHealth programs were not only effective on reducing the severity of obesity, but also improved relapse-prevention, weight maintenance, and reduced the symptoms of diseases associated with overweight and obesity. Other studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of using internet-based tools in assisting overweight and obese individuals to increase physical activity as part of weight management programs. Postpartum women have also benefited from such programs with significant weight loss.

The advent of computers, Internet and mobile phones has changed our lives forever. Today, things are a lot more efficient. For example, we no longer need to go to the library to read a book. We can simply look for it online. We no longer need to send letters through the post office. We can simply send an email. The same idea applies to weight loss programs. You don’t have to make an appointment and take the time to travel for a face-to-face encounter with a dietitian. You can simply see a  professional online via secured videoconference. You don’t have to collect your data in a booklet to track your weight, your blood pressure, or your blood sugar to show it to your health professional. All this data can all be transmitted to your health professional, online, live, in real time on a daily basis, which is definitely a lot more efficient.

Both internet-based technologies and human support are used by our Zero Excuse Go’s team. Our main objective is to enhance your motivation and confidence in adopting a new healthy lifestyle, promoting healthy eating and activity habits, guiding you to reach your ideal body weight goal and most importantly to improve consistency and perseverance with your weight loss program and your daily lifestyle in order to maintain your body weight in the long run.

Give us the opportunity to make you feel better about yourself, increase your self-esteem, and improve your overall health!!

Be Positive, use e-Health with Zero Excuse Go!!

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