A professional team

at your disposal

When you participate in our program, you will be assigned to a team of health professionals which consists of a dietitian, a psychologist, a nurse and a kinesiologist (a fitness specialist).

These different specialists will help you reach your goals by tackling each important aspect of your weight loss journey.


Our nurse will follow your progress on a daily basis using our technologies (your weight, your blood pressure, your pulse, your blood sugar, your fitness activity, your sleep, etc. as needed).


Our dietitian will educate you regarding healthy dietary habits and will set up a personalized low calories dietary plan that will evolve through time and make sure that eventually, you will stick to the 3 meals + 2 snacks diet.


Our psychologist will help you better understand your continuous struggle with obesity as well as help you better manage the social and emotional influences while staying motivated all along your journey to change your lifestyle.


Our kinesiologist will help you setup realistic fitness goals, entice you to become more active and enjoy yourself while exercising. She will follow your progress with the fitness tracker and encourage you throughout the program.

Are you interested in our program? Fill out the confidential health questionnaire online and we will contact you!