New technologies

for a continuous follow-up

Our program is based on a multidisciplinary approach strengthened by new technologies such as remote monitoring and telemedicine. Our team of health professionals will coach you and guide you, on a daily basis, while helping you modify your lifestyle in order to make sure that you will not regain any weight after you have reached your target goal.


and multidisciplinary patient care

To ensure that each patient reaches the target goals of weight loss, the remote monitoring module will allow our team to keep a close contact with you every day, in real time.

These professionals will be able to track your weight, your physical activity, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your sleep, etc., as needed.

Sophisticated software

reliable data

At the beginning of the program, we will hand you a kit consisting of several electronic devices (a fitness tracker, a scale, a blood pressure machine, a glucometer as well as other instruments as needed). These devices are extremely easy to use and the data collected is very reliable. These devices are equipped with a sophisticated software that allows for real-time transfer of data directly to your computerized health records in our clinic. This helps us keep a close eye on you on a daily basis in order to prevent any deviation from your part while guiding you and helping you lose weight without having you come to our clinic.

Fitness tracker

Let’s track your progress in real time

We will monitor your daily steps, the number of minutes of exercise, your pulse, your sleep, your caloric expenditure, etc. It is extremely motivating to follow its evolution and you will enjoy exercising!

Electronic scale

A great source of motivation

Together, we will track your weight on a daily basis and you will be motivated by your weight loss graph throughout the program.


For patients who suffer from diabetes

Together, we will monitor the progress of your blood sugar level and we will inform you as to when your doctor will have to intervene to decrease or even stop your medication.


For patients who suffer from emphysema or chronic bronchitis

We will monitor together the progress of your pulmonary condition in order to adjust your exercice program.

Blood pressure machine

For patients who suffer from high blood pressure

Together, we will monitor your blood pressure and and we will inform you as to when your doctor will have to intervene to decrease or even stop your medication.

Track your data in real time

Simple. Easy. Sophisticated. Reliable.