• 238.6lbs

    Average weight of participants at the beginning of the program

  • 42.4lbs

    Average weight loss after six months

  • 64.3lbs

    Average weight loss after nine months

  • 100%

    Control of blood pressure and sugar level

Do you suffer from severe to morbid obesity?

The Zero Excuse GO program is for you!

The Zero Excuse GO telemonitoring and telemedicine program uses digital technology and secured high-definition videoconferencing to enable our healthcare professionals (nutritionist, psychologist, nurse and kinesiologist) to monitor on a daily basis your weight, your blood pressure, your blood sugar and your exercise (number of steps, number of minutes of exercise, number of calories burned etc.).

You will benefit from a personalized ongoing coaching allowing you to reach your target weight and to maintain it with our maintenance program.

Our maintenance program is probably the most important component of our program and the core reason why people choose to join Zero Excuse GO. Most of our clients have already followed, in the past, several diets and were able to lose some weight. However, none of them were able to keep the weight off and that is precisely why they joined Zero Excuse GO. Listen to the recommendations of our customers.

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