Zero Excuse GO really works! Here is Mr. Lebel`s Story

In summer 2017, Mr. Lebel joined the Zero Excuse GO program to lose weight and restore his health. At the time, he weighed 384.3 pounds. He had a hard time getting around with chronic back and knee pain.

Over the years, his weight gradually increased without him even realizing. He got used to his rhythm of life which became more and more sedentary, and struggled to reduce his pains.

At the age of 53, he had great difficulty visualizing a promising, fulfilling and painless future. “I was wondering how I would enjoy life and be able to play with my grandchildren … it had to change if I wanted to be happy again.” He says.

It was then that he decided to take charge and consult the Internet to find a way out. “While doing a Google search, I came across the Zero Excuse GO site and their telemedicine weight loss program interested me a lot. Actually, I wanted a program that follows me daily because I knew that I would not succeed without it. I had too much weight to lose. I knew I did not have the time to go to a clinic every day to follow me and Zero Excuse GO offered me an alternative by following me every day directly online via their pioneering technology. I contacted them and I have never regretted it. I decided to put aside my excuses and take action,” he adds.

Determined as ever, Mr. Lebel joined the Zero Excuse GO program on June 20, 2017. He was immediately assigned to a multidisciplinary team including a psychologist, a dietitian, a nurse, and a kinesiologist specialized in physical training. These professionals communicated with him regularly by secure videoconference to encourage, motivate and give him the tools necessary to achieve his weight goal. Thanks to the new technology in telemonitoring, this multidisciplinary team followed Mr. Lebel daily by checking, in real time, his weight, pulse, number of steps per day, amount of minutes of exercise per day, the number of calories consumed per day, etc.

“It’s fantastic, everything was done automatically without even making any effort. It’s amazing how technology can facilitate weight loss. I have followed several diets in the past but never had a program that followed me daily with such ease.” says Mr. Lebel.

At the beginning of the program, Mr. Lebel had difficulty going over 1000 steps per day. “I had a lot of trouble getting around. I had issues with my equilibrium due to the pain in my knees but I took my courage with both hands. I was asked to increase my walks to 3000 steps a day. I was standing on my treadmill holding both railings to make sure I did not fall and pushed myself. I said to myself: go ahead, old man, tomorrow you will feel better. Indeed, I started losing weight very quickly which was very motivating. The more I lost weight, the more it motivated me” added Mr. Lebel.

By Christmas, Mr. Lebel lost nearly 90 pounds. His relatives pointed out the change to him and gradually he regained confidence. It was there that the idea of ​​taking up hockey began. Two months later, he was out on the ice and skating. As spring began, he became interested in running and soon found himself playing hockey three times a week and running three to four times a week. “It was not even in my plans when I started the Zero Excuse GO program. But when you lose a substantial amount of weight and as you regain self-confidence, I understood that anything can happen and, with the encouragement of my multidisciplinary team, I gave myself a new challenge.”

On May 26, 2018, Mr. Lebel completed for the first time in his life a 10 km run as part of the Ottawa Marathon in 1 hr 22 minutes. He currently weighs 239 pounds. What an accomplishment!

“It’s really a beautiful course and it’s a great experience to participate in such an event! It is certainly not easy but it adds even more to the feeling of accomplishment and pride! What a nice way to complete my first year of the program!” concludes Mr. Lebel.

We are proud of you Mr. Lebel and on behalf of the whole Zero Excuse GO team, we have only one thing to say to you: mission accomplished!

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